Our Firm

Company Profile

AN Investment W.L.L is one of the regional private multi-asset investment firm that creates lasting impact for our shareholders, teams, businesses, and the communities in which we live. Since our founding in 2007, we have applied our insight and experience to organically expand into several asset classes including platform investments, public equity and venture capital.

We leverage our shared platform to capture cross-asset class opportunities in strategic areas of focus. With offices located in Abu Dhabi, our team aligns our interests with those of our shareholders for lasting impact. AN Investment W.L.L is part of Bahrain group, one of the prominent business groups in the UAE.

Our Vision

“To be a market leading private investment firm that builds growth through new platforms while adhering to our social values and commitments.”

Our vision is to become a dominant investment firm in the local and regional market, focusing on a diverse range of investments that generate wealth, have a long lasting impact and create value to our communities in addition to being Sharia’a compliant.

Our Mission

“AN Investment W.L.L aims to target growth that creates value for shareholders in carefully identified niche sectors. We pride ourselves on discerning and long lasting investments through a process-driven selection criteria.”

The firm aims to target sound investments within growing markets and industries with a focus on generating steady income streams and building long lasting relationships with institutions that complement and share the AN Investment W.L.L vision.

Our Objectives

The strategic objectives of AN Investment W.L.L can be summarized as follows:

  • Operate with a focus on generating long term capital growth to shareholders and potential investors by process driven screening and identifying discerning investment opportunities.
  • Add value to the economy through a commitment to the environment and society.
  • Participating in the most promising local and regional opportunities.
  • Build a diversified portfolio of investments that adds value to the economy, promotes economic growth and generates income.
  • Provide value added advisory services to investors seeking sound advice on investment opportunities.
Chairman’s Message

At AN Investment W.L.L, we aim to become a dominant diversified investment firm in the local market by managing a portfolio of investments that extends beyond national borders. Our commitment to the economy, environment and community will always remain our forte while maintaining an eye for “targeted return on investments”.

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Managing Director’s Message

Welcome to AN Investment W.L.L. We are a boutique investment company with an interest in innovative new business opportunities. Our approach is long-term, strategic and creative, with an emphasis on sustainable returns and capital growth.

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Our Team

“The AN Investment W.L.L Team always tries to think outside the box in order to stand out in all our solutions.”

AN Investment W.L.L operates on the noblest of values, most significantly its belief in meritocracy of its human capital.

Our team of high talented individuals with long years of experience in the field of finance and investments is committed to offer the company its utmost know-how to achieve best performance. The team is deeply devoted to contributing to our economy and community, which is evident considering our participation in existing affiliated entities.

At AN Investment W.L.L we aspire to continually grow year-on-year. Our culture, portrayed as a friendly and sociable atmosphere, encourages innovation and entrepreneurship to blossom which leads to higher levels of productivity and returns. As a team, we always try to “think outside the box” and work in a dynamic environment targeting shared goals while upholding the AN Investment W.L.L ethos.

The Team at AN Investment W.L.L operates as one entity and through a flow of communication, interaction and motivation; we craft businesses from an air of brainstormed ideas, followed by market studies and financial modeling.